What are some ways you can troll on a date?

I'm going on a date tomorrow, and I know for a fact it isn't going to go well because that's just the luck I tend to have when it comes to dating. So what are some things I can do to "troll" my date? (ie. Some weird things to say, how can I act weird, etc?)


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  • Why would you want to? Just don't go

    • I have nothing better to do, and I'm going.

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    • Nope, it'll suck. I'm 100% sure of that.

    • You should just be yourself and not act like anything

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  • -When you saw a tree, start trying to climbing it.
    -Walk around and start looking for breakfast at afternoon or night.
    -Use fake weird name for anything

    • Anything else?

    • -Dance around in front of security camera when you saw one
      -Fell asleep loudly while waiting for food or anywhere when you rest
      -Dress super nicely and pretend to be married
      -Invite/Visit as many people as possible
      -Keep taking photo of everything you see not professionally just shaking the phone and take it
      -Grab the weirdest thing you could find and taunt it.

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  • Youve asked this 4 times shutup


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  • You're even trolling here

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