I said please do this, then he does. . . that. Am I just not being specific enough?

So I met this guy through online dating and we message each other every 2 days. We haven't met yet, but we've been in constant communication for the past month. When I saw that my subscription to that website was timing out, I said,

"My subscription is going to expire soon, so if you're interested in further communication, please contact this email blah blah)."

(My subscription was going to expire that night, but I didn't mention that).

Then 2 days later, he messages the already-expired account! I wasn't able to view his message, but I'm like, W@#$%^? Why didn't you contact the email like I told you to? Should I contact him through an unpaid-acount (fake) username on the site telling him to please contact the email that I mentioned in the other account, should I renew the subscription just to tell him that my account expired, or should I just wait and hope that he'll get the clue to contact the email that I told him to contact?

Don't want to seem needy. Would love insight. Thanks a bunch.


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  • Maybe he inboxed you his number or something. I don't think he will email your email address. You might have to take the initiative and try to contact him again if he doesn't reply to your email. Why didn't you just give him your phone number?

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  • If you're very interested in him, do so. I doubt he will consider that needy.