Did I just get used? or I was a backup guy? Are all women wicked?

She liked a guy in our class, who is good looking dude and tall as well, she is tall too.

He then ignored her and she started flirting with me, but after 1 week she went totally cold on me, i even asked her hey what happend but she ignores me now and started flirting with him again.

Are all women so wicked, do women just use guys like this? I feel so hurt :(

  • All women are wicked, just treat them like sh1t.
  • She had more time with that guy, so she had more emotional bond with him, thats why she chose him. Dont take it personally.
  • She just used you, you were a backup guy, she did not value u thats why she tossed you aside like yesterday's newspaper, but she could not get away from that guy because she values him more. Dont take it personally.
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  • She is more interested in him. It doesn't mean she's wicked. She's just like most people... putting her own wants and needs before anyone else's feelings

    • Why she played with my emotions?
      She wanted to move on from that guy, so why I was used and later she decided to dump me for him?

    • ... because she's putting herself above your feelings.

      She obviously had second thoughts about the other guy. A lot of people, both male and female, don't take other people's feelings into consideration... they only care about themselves and their own happiness. They are self-centred.

      Don't stop trusting ALL women because if her selfishness.

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  • "Give me any plague but the plague of the heart... and any wickedness but the wickedness of a woman"

    Women's liberation is the biggest blunder of western civilization. They need to be put back in the kitchen before they cause even more severe damage to our society


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  • Just like guys, not all women are wicked! There are plenty of wonderful women out there! Never treat girls like sh**! Especially for no reason more than their gender!

  • Its possible but maybe something you said or did put her off, maybe somebody put her off like a guy that wants her for himself. Anyway don't get butthurt about keep trucking on there's plenty more girls out there.

    • I mean bro, why she played with my emotions when she wasn't sure of him?
      Should I confront her?

    • "Playing with your emotions" come on dude get it together, why confront her you just don't have what she wants no point making a fool of yourself or creeping her out by giving her the stalker vibe. Learn to deal with rejection and failure.

  • Some women like flirting to make themselves feel better. Though, she wouldn't flirt with you if she was thinking you are ugly, so take it as a compliment.

  • She's wicked. Not all women are wicked. Don't make other women pay for her bull s***.

  • She was probably trying to make him jealous