Is he playing games or trying to make me jealous?

I met this guy with my friend. She initiated the convo with him but then he asked for my number. then he started calling me and later asked me out on a date. We barely know each other and the other day he came over to hang out and my friend was there. He was mostly flirting with her and barely talking to me the whole time!! I dont get why he would do that! He told me he had a thing for me when he asked to take me out on a date. Was he just nervous and felt more comfortable talking to my friend?

by the way he barely knows my friend. He was asking her florty questions to get to know her- which he should have been doing to me!!!


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  • Trying to make you jealous is a game

    • Ok i guess he's doing that then. It was annoying he barely talked to me

    • You don't want a game player

  • He could be shooting for the threesome lol


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