Guys, how many girls have what you're looking for?

In other words, what percentage of ladies would you commit to if given the chance? I feel like most women want a relationship. In my opinion, however, most men don't think all of those women are relationship-worthy for the types of guys they're looking for (as messed up as it sounds).

  • Most of them (>75%)
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  • About Half of them (~50%)
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  • Some of them (~25%)
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  • Few (<10%)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • As a female... most of the men that had the qualities I was looking for before I found it were already... not so surprisingly taken. So of the single ones left... not all that many... and I'm both glad and very lucky I found one who did and he had his own values and standards for what he wanted in a woman that I demonstrated in kind.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have pretty high standards but at this stage in my life i'm getting desperate. I said 25% because that's what it seems like on campus but I guess if you factor in the rest of the world then it would be much much less.


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