Is he just being hard to get or is he just not interested?

So this guy that I got to know back in August, we hooked up about 2 weeks ago. I have always known he's been interested, but I was dating someone else. And about soon 2 months ago, we broke up. And at the party - he took his chance. But I told him this would not go further, I dont sleep with guys at parties. Have too much respect for myself. And we have talked very little since then. I do live in London now, so that's another thing.
And there was still gallery opening, and he just stood next to me all the time. Then we went outside - he started asking me questions about the future. Could I live in different cities, and then asked me if i could live in Amsterdam.
And there was this last party on Saturday before I went back to London. And he was just so weird all night, just staring all the time on me, was never on one place. But then... we went to the after party - this was around 9-10-11 in the morning, he was very protective all the sudden. He said I looked cold - so he wanted to make me some tea. And all the sudden he just looks at me " you looks so tired, poor baby ". And just holds around me and holds around my neck.

And when we were all going to go home with our other friends. He wanted me to hold his arm and walk. And in the car with the others, we held our hands together. He started to ask me about my family and telling me about his family. He was just very open with their family problems, we figured out we had a lot in common.

And right before I was going to head out of the car, he just puts his head close to my head. And kisses me on my each cheek. And gives me a hug, and kisses me again.
He seems perfect. But we dont talk on the phone, or message each other. I'm not used to have an romantic relationship and not have this. How are we going to keep this forward, and he's talking about the future - and not keeping in touch?

So I'm just mixed feelings inside.
Should I just text him something?
Is he just being hard to get or is he just not interested?
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