Afraid to flirt in public?

Whenever I'm with my crush, it's always in public (walking to class, etc.). I really want to flirt with him to show him I like him, but I always chicken out because I feel awkward about touching him or saying something in flirty in public. I'm fairly comfortable with him so I think I could flirt if we were in a more private setting, but I don't know how to make that happen. What should I do?

We message each other on facebook every few days, but we haven't exchanged phone numbers.


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  • Just flirt a little with him so what others think. If your afraid to give him a
    real number than get a Google ( Gmail) account number and give him that
    number you can do that to protect your privacy. If you want know if he's
    for real you can always search engines such as or these are free search engine searches you can look
    up his name, username, email and see what you get.


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  • One, don't touch him.

    Go up to him calmly.
    Ask him if he'd like to go out some time.
    And don't come on to strong or to flirty.
    At least not right now.
    If he says yes, then make a date that suits you both. Together.

    Take it slow.
    Eventually if he likes you back you'll both know it.


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  • Don't worry about it being public. IF you're sure he likes you too, why hesitate? Give it a chance and you'll see :).

  • imagine its private

  • Flirt with him a little it doesn't hurt who cares if your in public.. lol :-)

  • don't give a fuck about the others, just him and you. Just don't get too sexual