Should I take the risk?

My b. f has told me he is leaving to his country for vacation this December. That if I want to go for me to get my passport ready and get a flight.
I have two kids so I told him that if I go I'm obviously going with them. He said however I want that I decide.
He said that if I go he'll take me and my kids out and that I will meet his mom. But I am still in doubt of going. I have been with him for a short amount of time. We've been dating for 4 months and to be honest he has made me feel so happy so far. I also don't want problems with his parents. But he said that he spoke to his mom already and that she didn't say anything.
Should I run the risk? I know I will go but I just want some advice for those of you who have "experience".
I know everything in life is a risk.
Thanks in advance
Should I take the risk?
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