Why do I feel so guilty for this?

This guy I'm sure involved with, we sleep with each other but it's not a definite relationship. He's very physically affectionate toward me. I feel if there is no title then maybe I should be able to talk to other guys. I have been talking to a guy and the first guy doesn't know it. I really like the first guy but since he hasn't put a title on us I feel like I need to have a guy to fall back on in case he finds someone else. The issue is I feel guilty doing this and would much rather just have a relationship with the first guy. Do you think it would even matter to him if I just left him and purses the guy I'm talking to?


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  • You feel guilty because you are being deceptive and you are not allowing him to make a fully informed decision about having you present in his life. You are not being honest and clear about your intentions so it's eating away at your conscious.

    Yes, I think it would matter if you "just left him" and pursued someone else. The act of leaving someone is hurtful especially if you two have shared some level of intimacy.

    • But all we do is sleep together and cuddle?

    • It doesn't matter if that's all you do because you two are still sharing intimate moments with one another. It sounds like you are trying to justify your unclear deception so that you can avoid feeling guilty. Would you say that's true?

  • Just tell him you want the two of you to have a real relationship. If he doesn't want to then make sure he knows you're going to see other guys as well.