Dating what should I do now... I really liked this girl? Did I scare her away?


I was dating a girl i worked with, she was the first girl i ever asked out on a date ever!. We went bowling and ate at a chill restaurant. We talked a lot and found out we have some things in common. Like dislikes thought process etc during our date she looks at me and says lol we have to much in common i'm starting not to like you lol i laughed it off (assuming that she mean't the opposite).
She has a sarcastic silly attiutude. Date number 2 she asked me about my previous relationships and i asked her the same. In my head i'm thinking ok cool moved right into the relationship
question not bad. I then told her look i'm not here to waste people time i'm not a player or a cheat i don't mind being commited she was in awe and said that's super Good. Later on we kissed for me honestly I didn't feel anything like at least not how i would've thought. She looks at me and says wow I haven't dated in 10 years i'm not sure if i can do this your so nice Omg! I asked her what the problem was she felt that i just don't want to rush into anything so soon and i don't want them talking at the job. I Said ok i respect that let's take our time and play it chill 4 day's later she messages me saying yo i was listening to what you were saying and i really don't have time to pursue a relationship in my life at this point but we can just be friends i agree like well ok maybe if i take my time it can change. I Say ok no rush. we hang out and have a good time then i try to kiss her again and she rejects me saying the same thing i can't and it takes 2 to be in a relationship... i ask her i get it she tells me she likes me but she doesn't have time in my head i'm like but yet your here making time for this lol and we flirt... long story short she appers to be distant which kind of bums me out did i scare her away forever? I'm buggin out i really liked this girl
Dating what should I do now... I really liked this girl? Did I scare her away?
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