What is a good plan for this situation?

My boyfriend and I have been going on and off if we should kiss or not. We finally come to a point in our relationship where it's appropriate to kiss. There're two problems, were seniors in high school and he has never been kissed before. He wanted to kiss me but got too nervous. We made an agreement that I would give him just a quick peck that would only last a few seconds. The second problem is the only time we could do it is during after 6th period. We both share 7th period toghther and it's in a separate building so we walk down toghther. But there's this girl that also walks down with us that LIKES my boyfriend ALOTTTT. She will not leave us alone at all and I'm not sure there's a possible way to get her out of sight for a few minutes. After 5th period I go down to my boyfriends locker to wait for to pack up. We get dismissed from the other building so we have to bring our backpacks. But the other girl is already their waiting for him. We've tried walking slowly so she could be in front of us, but it never works. My boyfriend and I are just really mainly pissed at the other girl. He really wants his first kiss and I'm willing to give it to him. We really just want to have a special moment to ourselves before he leaves for a while to study abroad.
What is a good plan for this situation?
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