Is he interested and should I text him?

So there is this guy at my job who is 30 (I am 23). I have had a crush on him for the better part of 6 years. I was in a long term relationship until a few months ago, and after we broke up my interest was renewed in job guy. He's a pretty shy guy who had a girlfriend a long time ago but who hurt him really bad somehow, and has only gone on a couple of dates since then.

Before, I'll even admit, I was way too young for him, and I had not had any previous relationship experience. Now, I have had a long term relationship under my belt as well as graduated from college, so I feel way more mature. We went to the same college (not at the same time) and are both in a health profession (I am in grad school and he has a full time job). About a month ago (with the coaching of my boss), I texted job guy to see if he would be interested in hanging out. I have attached a screenshot.

I only see him once a week at work, so I've been trying to talk and flirt with him those days. One week we talked about his nephew and how I got my first patient in my field. The next week he was sick and called out and the following week when I came in he was like, "if anyone every offers to give you ____, say NO. Very painful."

I was off this past week, so I had people talk about me while I wasn't there (oh, X is my favorite manager, her hair is so beautiful, I wish she were here, etc) to see if he would react. I snapchatted this one girl and she said when she got it she was like, "OMG, X snapped" and he turned around, and when she asked him if he wanted to be in a group snapchat back, he said he doesn't look good in pics.

So, since it's been a month since I asked him to hang out, I'm just wondering if it would be wise just to text him and say hey or not. Please help!
Is he interested and should I text him?

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Also, the one week the boys at my job (who are like 17) were talking about some weird stuff and he was like listening/interjecting here and there, so he turned to me and was like "X, just so you know this is NOT unusual stuff that we're talking about. Guys just talk about weird things."
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Another time, when he was leaving, he waved to me and was like "until next time." so I said goodbye and then he was like, "so are you like a regular Saturday manager now?" and I told him I was and he said "cool."

Last week when he was leaving he said goodbye to my boss and everyone up in the front, then started to walk out but stopped and waved to me in the back of the store.
Is he interested and should I text him?
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