How to get over a guy?

So this isn't some guy that I've dated or anything. Just someone that I had sort of a MAJOR crush on. And I really kinda thought he liked me too, because even though he teased me a lot, it was always so playful, and just fun.

But then the other day me and my bestie were hanging out while we were working (It was a two person thing, so I got to pick my partner kinda thing), and he came walking bye. He didn't even acknowledge me while he enthusiastically teased my friend and then left. I didn't even have a chance to get a word in. Nevermind that he had promised ME that he would come and say good bye to ME before he left.
I'm not upset with my friend. At ALL. For one, she didn't even know I liked him, but also, she has NO interest in him WHATSOEVER. She didn't even know who he WAS until I pointed him out a few days ago. Like he'd helped her out a few times before when his bosses MADE him, but she didn't even know his name. But yeah, him being so enthusiastic to see her and then not even acknowledging that I was standing RIGHT THERE, was kind of a giant slap in the face.
The problem though, is that I still like him, but I KNOW I have NO right to be jealous, seeing as we aren't even dating or anything. So I can't go and fuss or "talk it out" to anyone, because it's ridiculous. How can I get over this?


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  • Time, with time you'll be fine


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  • I am in no way trying to come off mean but darlin...

    If you felt so strongly about him, you should have just told him way back.
    So you really can't say anything.

    Yes, it is unfortunate. But, just get over it and move on.

    You'll find someone else with time. But don't rush. Take some time to work on you before jumping into a relationship.

    Join something new. Like a yoga class or anything that peeks your interest.
    Do things for you that makes you happy.
    That will take the situation and him off of your mind 😊


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  • I liked a guy soooooo much... he is my best friend then he did something idioticly stupid and I stopped liking him and I just wallowed... watched Gilmore girls and ate ic cream


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