How do I transition from a normal relationship to a long-distance one?

My boyfriend and I broke up when he had to transfer to a different university which was in a different state. Life sucked so we got back together six months later (YAY!). He doesn't have a car anymore so we can't trade off with visiting each other. It's just weird. I've never been in a ldr before and I don't really know how to be close without being close.


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  • I'm also in a LDR and it suuuucks not to be close! Buuuuut what makes me feel closer to him is Skype. Like I noticed during school days we're busy and we don't have the time to Skype and I get really depressed at the end of the week but during weekends my smile is back as soon as we get to Skype. So communication and not just through texting is what will keep you close. Everyday even if it's just good morning and good night.


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  • video call
    sending flowers/presents sometimes
    set date to travel and see each other
    plan at the end of the day - to move in together or married (of coz after graduate)
    telling everything you done for the day - like a progress report

    if you done all of the above, distance is not a problem anymore

  • they dont work. go out and find someone else, you're 21

    • It's not a forever thing. We just have to get through our last year of school.