Confused what is this guy doing? Im dying here?

So there's this guy in one of my classes, he seems to alway stare at me. We will call him Derek. The staring has been going on for quite some time, whether I'm just walking in, leaving the class, or talking to my friends outside of class, he glances and looks. So recently I've been talking to this other guy in my class a lot, just as a friend though. We will call him Brandon. Brandon is a super friendly guy and he's really down to earth. He would ask me like a million questions about my life and myself and like keep up conversation which is really nice. But it started getting weird when he accused me of liking Derek as if he already knew. Brandon just tries to push Derek onto me or have me admit I like him. For example today he was like "Derek is a good looking guy, I know you like him." He also said "do you like anyone or is there a special guy in your life" and I've noticed the two boy have started to talk more as well. Whenever Brandon is talking to Derek he makes sure to look at me a lot and raise his eyebrows and smirk. I'm not sure if I'm right, but I feel like either they both like me or Derek sent Brandon to talk to me for him, but we are in college so I'm quite confused. Can someone please help me?

  • Derek likes you, but he is shy?
  • Both like you
  • Weird leave it alone
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  • I would say C but I don't think you should "leave it alone". Maybe talk to both of them about it?

    • Such an awkward situation. Thanks girl !

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    • Just be casual and try not to sound like you're accusing it interrogating either of them

    • Okay thanks ❤️️

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