Is it weird/rude to be shy?

I'm not the most outgoing person and some people make fun of me for being shy. I don't really like being center of attention (I know its crazy right!). Well today this cute, sweet guy asked me out and I blushed and got scared so I just kinda freaked out and hid. I didn't know what to do or say. I have never ever been put in that position. I didn't say anything rude to him but when I told this to my friends they said that I was being rude. Others just laughed at me. Can someone tell me what I did wrong and give me some advice?


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  • You didn't say anything when he asked you out? Yeah is kind of rude if you left it hanging without answers.
    To get it back like nothing happened and all you have to say :" I'm sorry for the other day for not giving you an answer, can we do it again?"


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  • ... eh better than what my crush did lol... no its not, shyness just kept me in a bad position a long time ago and so i let it go... just go talk to him im sure he will forgive you, your just shy... id probs laugh if i was your friend and you told me that story... but like laugh like fun teasing you

    • How do you let being shy go? I don't like it when random people just come up and talk to me it scares me. I feel like I'm going to say something so stupid that everyone will laugh at me forever.

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    • Will you help me with this Justin guy. He's creeping me out n

    • sure :)

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