Should I talk about it to not be angry anymore or leave it alone?

I did a shitty thing against my boyfriend... I read his Facebook messages. I know it's wrong, and it's an invasion of privacy. I get that. I did it, because I feel like my boyfriend holds a lot back from me and he says a lot more with his friends than he wouldn't tell me.

What I found was a convo between his friend how he was out for dinner and he saw this waitress who is a "fine ass honey" and he was sad that she didn't serve him. And he even had a sad face next to it. I bothered me, because he lied to me about how he doesn't check out women. I wouldn't care if he told me he does, but it's the fact for me that he lies about it. I know it's weird and trivial to me upset about, and I think maybe part of it is that he found someone attractive. When I brought it up to him and what I read, he kept dodging the question and only saying that I aggravate him and all he wanted to do was watch a video with me. He wouldn't outright deny or confirm even though it's in his messages.

I get it: he's human. I'm upset at the fact that he cannot be honest with me. I have a hard time getting over being mad and the last thing I wanna do is piss him off even more. I don't know, am I being weird and stupid?
Should I talk about it to not be angry anymore or leave it alone?
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