Should you stay with a guy who is nice to you but mean to other people?

Okay the thing is he's great.. he opens doors for me, drives me home, picks up the bill, cooks dinner for me etc etc.
But what I have trouble wrapping my head around is that he tends to be kind of a douchebag to other people. He didn't tip a waiter once (who was nice), is really into his appearance and how people perceive him and into seeming cool... I've been dating him for a while now and we have already slept together so it's not like he is doing all of this just to get laid.
I just need some advice has anyone dealt with this before? It's like I am dating Kanye lol but I am so into him... Not sure if I am being blinded.


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  • Your being blinded.

  • I couldn't be with a guy who was mean and disrespectful to other people. There's no need to be mean to people. I'd assume had a " chip on his shoulder" and underlying issues if he was rude to people, even if he was nice to me.

    If he doesn't tip the waiter then he could just be thoughtless. That doesn't necessarily mean he's a bad person or mean

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