Why does my girlfriend never ask me about my life?

Ok, so I am in a sorta new relationship of almost 2 months with my girlfriend (I am a guy). We are both new to dating for the most part, although she has had a few other boyfriends in the past, while she is really my first real girlfriend. Anyway, I personally always feel as if I am leading the conversation. I know I am a talkative person and it comes natural to me, and I am interested to see how her day went, or what she is thinking about and her interests and feelings. Yet I can't help but notice she almost never asks me questions specifically. I have sorta tried to provoke it by asking her about a topic and exploring it, hoping she would then turn and ask me, but she never seems to, and when she does, she never seems to go too far in depth about it. Just a basic question or two and no more. I have considered bringing this up to her, but I feel that if I do, it won't help because then it would only maybe push her to fake interest in me in order to make me happy or to help the relationship. She does take notice and inquire when I purposefully don't act quite the same, and then all of a sudden seems to care a lot more, like if I don't respond within a few hours, or just say k instead of okay (I never say k, always ok or okay).

My question is, do you think that she just isn't super interested in my life a whole ton? Or do I just expect too much in return from her? Or that she feels she doesn't need to, because if something worth asking about comes up, I will just bring it up myself. We just seem to talk about her a lot, way more then just me, and it bothers me a bit.


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  • ... I am sorta new relationship of almost 2 months with my girlfriend...
    Give it Time, Here, dear. It appears that She is "New" to this Herself, and Has a Lot to Learn yet, Herself. There may be a Few things from her own Past that was no Big Blast, and Doesn't want to Stir up a Hornet's nest, so she is Being Basic for Now Somehow.
    Continue to Be YOU. Many girls have Problems finding Someone Special like Yourself who is so Open, and I am sure she Feels she is the Lucky One, hun, or she would have Dumped you Already, or given you Sure Signs that you are Going out Fast with the Trash.
    I feel with more Nursing and Nurturing, this Relationship is Going to Go less "Basic," and More into a Chemistry of More Magic, where one Day when you least expect it, it will have Ironed out All of those Wrinkles and Crinkles.
    Go Slow with your Flow. Rome was not Built in a Day, and Neither is the Perfect Romance by Chance. xx

    • That is very true, this really helped, but do you suggest I bring it up? or should I just forget about it and wait for it to get better?

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    • Thank you, dear, and yes, but go easy. She may have a few webs in her own corner that she is having problems "Brooming away today."xx

    • Thank you, dear, for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Everyone has a different personality. It could be possible that she is just the type of woman that is self absorbed likes talking about herself.

    It's just one of those things to get used to unless it becomes so bad that anytime you mention something she cuts you off to relate it to herself on EVERYTHING.


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  • You should definitely talk to her about this, it would be nice to feel like you're somewhat wanted and for her to take more interest in you and your life. I can't stress how important communication is in a relationship :)

    • Yes, I totally agree. In the past though I have sorta brought it up before in a different way and I feel if I did again, I would come off as high maintenance or needy. if you know what I mean.

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    • and all of her other activities

    • If she talks to her best friend a lot more than she talks to you is not fair on you - you are worthy of her time and attention as well :)

  • Lol if you haven't really been friends with her before being in a relationship, well what the hell do you expect?


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