Why does my girlfriend never ask me about my life?

Ok, so I am in a sorta new relationship of almost 2 months with my girlfriend (I am a guy). We are both new to dating for the most part, although she has had a few other boyfriends in the past, while she is really my first real girlfriend. Anyway, I personally always feel as if I am leading the conversation. I know I am a talkative person and it comes natural to me, and I am interested to see how her day went, or what she is thinking about and her interests and feelings. Yet I can't help but notice she almost never asks me questions specifically. I have sorta tried to provoke it by asking her about a topic and exploring it, hoping she would then turn and ask me, but she never seems to, and when she does, she never seems to go too far in depth about it. Just a basic question or two and no more. I have considered bringing this up to her, but I feel that if I do, it won't help because then it would only maybe push her to fake interest in me in order to make me happy or to help the relationship. She does take notice and inquire when I purposefully don't act quite the same, and then all of a sudden seems to care a lot more, like if I don't respond within a few hours, or just say k instead of okay (I never say k, always ok or okay).

My question is, do you think that she just isn't super interested in my life a whole ton? Or do I just expect too much in return from her? Or that she feels she doesn't need to, because if something worth asking about comes up, I will just bring it up myself. We just seem to talk about her a lot, way more then just me, and it bothers me a bit.
Why does my girlfriend never ask me about my life?
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