Why do girls not like insecure/shy guys, yet aren't girls insecure/shy themselves so why should guys lii them?

Think about this.
Girls rarely ask guys out, they are too afraid to do that and no matter what people think girls are free to make a move first so that's not an excuse.
Girls constantly are insecure about themselves (boob size, wearing makeup/coverup, weight issues).
Almost never does a girl propose to a man, why aren't you confident/brave enough to tell a man you want to be with him forever?

For now the outgoing, confident guys get the girls more often, but girls you aren't fooling everyone, your shy and insecure more than most men are about themselves you just use being a girl as an excuse to get away acting like that like your the superior sex...

Opinions needed


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  • Is this actually a question or just your prospective? You might have better luck posting it as a mytake.


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  • Good points made. This outgoing girl at work is very shy to me but she also is making efforts to try and approach me which I'm finding hilarious. I'm a bit mean on playing mind games and what I'm doing is pretending she doesn't exist. She caught me staring at her and I blushed so she knows I'm attracted to her and I'm treating her differently.

  • Well guys are expected to be strong, not girls, that why it's easier for girls to be shy and nerdy, also if both sides shy, they might have an hard time to start an relationship, as they both have hard time to make a move, even though on the other hand, if they are both nerdy then they are more fitting. Even Gohan from Dragon ball, get a lot of shit from many fans for being weaker/nerdy, even though he already prove that he can be strong (and even as an nerd half-saiyan he still stronger then normal humans) and he already got an wife.




    • I know it's hard if both are shy but why blame the guy for being shy, that's labeled as a negative, when girls are shy more often. They can switch and take initiative but guys rarely tell them that and accept it and I find it insulting we have to be labeled just to be accepted.

    • I know that it's little annoying/unfair but I told you already why it's so, girls don't expected to be brave and to be sure of themselves, and yes that's why it's easier to be an girl. And girls are not like that only by choice, girl are naturally tend to be weaker then guys, both in body and in personality. Also girls who do initiative, are usually very slutty, so it's not really worth it, that's why a prefer shy girls, and yes it's kinda true in guys case as well, as guys who that hit much on girls, usually turns out to be womanizers.