What does she mean by let's take it slow?

So there's this girl I recently started talking to and we hung out twice. I kissed her the second time we hung out and we ending up having a really good time, the second time we hung out she brought up that we should take things slow. We see each other every Mondays and Wednesdays because we have a math class together. Now I guess it gets a little bit complicated here because one of our friends, likes her or used to like her. So she wanted us to act like "friends" around him for the time being which I was cool with. After a week or two I guess I got a little irritated that we had to act like that instead of just telling him about it, so I called her and asked her where we were going with things and if I could tell him or not. She then told me she's afraid of commitment and she doesn't know what we are yet but that we should definitely hang out again sometime. Then she said I could go ahead and tell him that I was thinking about talking to her just to gauge his reaction. I told him and he seems cool with it, so my question is does she really mean it when she says we should take it slow or is she just not that interested in going forward? I'm lost at this point as to what I should do. Whether or not I should continue trying and how to do so. P. S She still treats me like a friend around him.
What does she mean by let's take it slow?
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