I am 24 and I feel like I ruined my life?

The past 6 years i did nothing much with my life, i hanged out with the WRONG people, you the attention seeking kind people, who dont do anything with their lives but smoke weed and seek attention and i feel so awful because i was different, smart, organized and calm. Now i feel awful about my life, i just want to dump the people and start a new life, i have one friend who keeps bothering me and she keeps interfering with my life, she smokes weed all day and doesn't do much with her life... i dont want to be her friend and anymore and pretty much i just used her when i was feeling bored and needed a place to stay... she is just very annoying. Is it too late for me to follow my dreams because ina few years i want to have kids and i have 8 years left to make something out of my life and reach my goals, these people i hang out with just dont get it... all they want to do is enjo but when your 30... i feel like you will regret not working hard in younger years and following your dreams... what should i do?


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  • "i was different, smart, organized and calm"
    Umm, no you weren't. You were doing the exact same thing as you said yourself: wasted time.

    Ditch the people you don't like and who you feel are hindering your progress. Get your lifestyle in order and then talk about having kids.

    • no before that... my older sister, i used to hang out with her was a very bad influence on me.. she dragged me along with her, i never used to be so messy, i Always knew school and such was important but i never had theconfidence

    • Was in a similar boat during my teens because constant drug abuse. My solution was rather radical (move abroad and start fixing yourself in new environment). Sure, I always knew education was important, too. What does it matter, when all you're worried about is your next hit?
      The people arround you influence you in a certain direction. What you have to understand is that if you want to change yourself you must first get rid of the people that have bad influence over you.

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  • It seems like you want to start making changes. It's definitely not to late to follow a different path.

    If you are looking for a new social group, one that share your direction, check out Meetup. com.
    Don't let anyone stand in the way of your life.


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  • It sounds like you know what the issues are and how to fix them. All you need to do is DO them.

  • it is necessary to get the losers out of your life. you have to set real goals for yourself and think about you. these people will drown you they won't help you evolve.
    the good thing is that you woke up now, and dont feel bothered or say or anything. just take the first step, put a plan, and work hard on your goals, you have so much potential!

  • you ruined your life and you need to be a lot smarter

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