Is it stupid for me to still love him?

There's this guy that I've had feelings for for over two years. We have an age difference (he is older) but I am very mature so we get along very well. He's my best friend and he has told me many times that he loves me. I thought that he might have some sort of feelings for me (he's very sweet to me in a different way than other girls, he's kissed my cheek multiple times and not in a playful situation). We go out to movies together all the time and have had many people question if we're dating.

A two months ago, he got a girlfriend. This broke my heart but I just couldn't stop loving him. He used to be quite open with his relationship with her, but lately he hasn't mentioned her once. His girlfriend recently changed her profile pic to just her instead of them together and she changed her relationship status to single. I'm wondering if maybe they broke up.

I don't want to be rude and just come right out and ask him. I could tell from the start that they weren't right together and she didn't love him nearly as much as I do. I really really love him.

Do you think that if they did break up, there might still be a chance for us to be together? Or does he not have any feelings for me? I just don't want to feel stupid for loving him. I've never felt this way toward anyone.

Thanks :)
Is it stupid for me to still love him?
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