Should I go for it, or don't embarrass myself? do you think the feeling is mutual?

I do like him... well...

he looks to be about 36 he is the bus driver, im 32 female passenger but I look young... anyway he stares at me and smiles with all 32 teeth showin, (he is fluffy, im normally not into teddy bear type men, but this guy seems diff, compared to the other men I've crushed on and asked out... and he has nice teeth and boy is he sexxi), everytime he sees me... as if he is extra happy to see me, i only see him maybe once or twice a week... then he speaks in a shy low toned voice when im leaving and he'll tell me to have a nice a day , he's been doing this for months now... I want to approach him, but I do NOT wanna get my feelings hurt again...(yeah I've asked men out in the past and that did not turn out as planned).. what should I do? he does this everytime he sees me... one time he made slight convo by asking me do I like the new bus route, well I let him know I didn't... and I made him laugh and he just stared at me in shock but he was just smiling...

there are cameras around that can hear and see everything, ... plus there are passengers on the bus... I don't want him to get into any trouble nor do I want to get embarrassed... I've noticed he sighs a lot around me. or he will stare at me smiling... and I laugh on the inside... but I never said anything.


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  • I don't think there's any harm in asking

    • the, the issue with that is im the passenger on the bus and he is the bus driver and there are cameras on that bus that can see and hear everything... along with tons of customers... I really don't wanna embarrass myself nor him... he seems shy to me, he always speaks in a low tone wi m... cuz he will speak to me a very low toned voice as to where I can barely hear hm... but with other he speaks all high pitched... how should I approach him on the bus without embarrassing myself and him... I only see him once a week... thanks