Dating other people when still casual?

I've been seeing a guy for almost 2 months. we haven't had the exclusive talk yet, but we are comfortable the way things are and like each other. I was recently asked to hang by another guy but haven't texted back yet. I'm not opposed to hanging out but don't know if my guy would feel upset about it. what should I do? I want to talk to the guy I've been seeing but he's currently traveling


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  • This is definitely a tough one. Typically when I see a guy for more then one date, I tend not to date other guys. Personally I wouldn't want to go out w/a guy who is seeing someone else, especially if it has been more then a few dates, even if they aren't exclusive. If I really like a guy, I casually bring up dating other people, if he is looking just to date me I stay, if not I go, I am looking for a serious relationship. The guy you are seeing may just assume you are seeing just each other. Bring it up the next time you talk.

    • Thanks! I think I'll do that and talk to him when he's back

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  • Don't risk it, we never know how the guy you're dating will take it.


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