Is he making fun of me?

First of, I’m sorry for my English.
I met a guy online, we had a perfect date, we slept together and we got along really well. He warned me that he didn't want any commitment at the moment. It’s not a problem for me, neither do I. Couples days after our first date, I initiated a rdv, and he replied quickly that he was “busy at the moment but he would let me know quickly”, On week later I was fed up because i needed a closure. So I confronted him to let him know it was the last time I contact him, he apologizes and told me that he took time to accept because he tought I wouldn’t accept to see him if he didn't want a commitment, but he insisted that he did want to see me again because he spent a perfect night, i agreed with that. 1 week after that, he invited me to a party with his friends (20 days after our first date), but I insisted to understand what did he want with me. He replied “at the moment only a friendship”. I was shocked because i tought he wanted a relationship without commitment, I told him i couldn’t be just friends with someone i slept with, but i wanted more like a friendship with benefit with him to what he replied “I understand”. So the next day, I had no more details, and i wanted a closure so I deleted him off facebook (3 weeks after our first date) and I let him that I felt humiliated by him, and that he could have told me in the beginning that he wasn”t interested physically nor romantically without making me waste my time, I told him i didn’t need any replies to my message. He answeredquickly that he didn”t understand why I was exagerating, he needed time to think about my proposal to be friends with benefits, told me that he would have been interested to be friends with benefits. At the end he insisted to add him again on Facebook. And during our convo he revealed he “just didn't know what to do”I readd him the next day but our last conversation was one week ago, and no sign yet. What's your take on that? Thanks to enlight my darkness.
Is he making fun of me?
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