How should I handle this?

So I met this cute girl in my french class and I started to talk to her and I really like her I'm a senior and she's a sophomore and eventually I got her snapchat and I have only had one short back and forth with her and it was when I told her happy birthday a few days ago (her's is one day before mine). She's exactly my type she's friendly near me but seemed a little hesitant when I made advances on her. Today I think I found out why, she's talking to a 19-year-old in college. And they text and facetime regularly to my knowledge. We do have a few friends in common but I've never really hanged out with her outside of school. My question is what should I do? I genuinely like this girl but she's talking to a guy in college and I can't really one up that she does seem like she'd like to be friends cause anytime that I've bumped into her outside of the classroom she says hi or waves if she's kinda far away. As a side note my current plan is to try to just be friends with her and if they don't work out then that's when I'll try to make advances again (after she has had some time to get over him)


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  • waiting may not be the best idea. I have been waiting for a guy since 6th grade (im in 10th) and he just kept picking up new girlfriends. It's your choice, but I wouldn't recommend waiting.


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  • No don't you will more than likely be seen as just a freind. Flirt with her now. If she is not dating the older guy she might go out with you. If your not sure she is dating him. Flirt with her and ask her freinds if she is dating. That shows that your interested in her and women like it when they know a guy is interested. Dont try to sneak your way into her heart. It does not work.
    Give her another bone to play with so she might choose you over him and she has another guy that is into her. Besides her parents will like her dating someone her own age more.

    • So how do you think I should go about doing that? The only place a really see her in person is in class and in youth and government (it's a club) but I've never talked to her in there other than saying hi

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    • We talk some in class but that's it I think it's worth a shot to try to talk to her more she just seems hesitant to do that I think because of the older guy

    • Well then pursue her and don't worry about it. Go for her let her know you want her.

  • First off, your plan is fucking terrible. That's how you end up in the friend zone. Maybe one fat she'll realize her feelings for you right? No that's not how it works. If you like her let her know in any subtle way you can and see how she responds. If you get positive feedback okay, if not then oh fucking well.