What should I do about this?

I got into a argument with one of my female friends. For over two months, we had become very close. We texted all the time, hung out numerous times a week, and she became close with my family. Then boom she stops talking to me, so i decided to wait to hear from her instead of me contacting her. I didn't hear from her for 3 weeks, so i waited to talk to her at work and she just walked right by me. I asked one of our coworkers whats going on, and he said that she said she needed a break from our friendship so i would get over my feelings for her. I was upset and i messaged her asking why she couldn't just talk to me about this? She said she never said any of that, and that her life was stressful, and she was keeping to herself lately. I told her thats not what i heard and she kept on denying it. So i said i've always been a good friend to her and i've never pressured her, or pushed her for anything. that i've always been there for her and she hasn't been there for me at all during the last couple weeks (something happened in my family). She never responded but the next day our co-worker said she was talking about it her whole shift. I don't think i'm ever going to hear from her again. but if i do decide talk to her how long should i wait? I've had a lot of time to think about it and i think she's avoiding her feelings i know for a fact she's been doing stuff on purpose to get my attention.


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  • She's obviously very pent up about whatever you guys argued about. Seems to me what she's trying to do is trying to look like it didn't bother her at all and get more distant because she's having a hard time hiding it. Either she lost the argument big time or she felt really offended at something you said and she wants you to apologize for it, except you don't even know what you did wrong.

    She's trying to play mind games with you (whether she's aware of it herself or not) and she wants you to be the first one to apologize or spill your feelings out to her. She's been too much in her own head recently and thinks that the only thing that matters is her, which is probably why she didn't seem to care about your family incident.

    I suggest that you just ignore her antics until she comes up to you with something substantial to talk about. All she wants you to do is to get you to "lose the fight" with her by being the one who opens up first. I know this because I've done this type of shit before and it never ends well. Since then, I've stopped just cause it either gets people nowhere or it just makes things worse.

    • Thank you for writing an actual answer! I completely agree, everyone is telling me to just forget about her and it's easier said then done. When you've spent a large amount of time with someone getting to know each other and opening up then they just disappear off the face of the earth its hard. We may not have been dating but it feels like a breakup. i always listen to my gut and it's usually never wrong there's more to this story then i'm actually getting.

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    • Okay i know this is a couple days later but today she was working while i was and my friend was working with her he came outside and said okay she's acting so childish. She said "if i see him tonight should i say hi or just ignore him". I had to walk by her dept. to go do something and she ran into the back of the dept. then my friend came out again and said "she hid on purpose". And here's the kicker when at the end of the night i had to go close something and i turn around and she's standing there staring at me and she the minute she sees me she darts away so my suspicions have been confirmed she is playing mind games and has played them in the past too.

    • Yeah, at this point it's really up to you whether or not you want to deal with her mind games. You can choose to ignore her and wait for her to get over herself or you could be the one who initiates the talk first. Honestly, I wouldn't want to deal with that stuff especially if she has a habit of doing it. But, in the end, it's all up to you to decide what you want to do.

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  • I wouldn't wait for her. If she's going to play childish games you are better off moving on.


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  • Move on from her. If a girl is being immature and doing things to make you feel uncomfortable, then you need to leave her immediately. That behavior is vile.