I just started dating someone in my friend group, but does our other friend like me?

I recently started hanging back out with my old friend group, the only group of people I always circle back to. My one good friend of many years brought me out and we became intimate and close for about a month before we started dating last week. Before anything official I've been going out with him to see everyone again and meet the new group additions. Now that I'm dating this old friend I'm having all these second guesses, and I can't help but notice how strange this one new friend in the group treats me. He talks about how my (now) boyfriend, his friend, could "rope me". Teasing about our package deal, and the things that must have sold me on the relationship. This friend brings up his own uniqueness, and points out when I did something that was special to him. It's like he constantly pokes at my current relationship, not in a nasty way but he's the only one that keeps talking about it. Then he'll do things after a party like when he first gets up for a water he comes back with one for me, and the night prior he gave my boyfriend tips on how to treat me. He says all these nice things, and even bought me something! I feel like he quite regularly tries to talk to me, and like he shuts down everyone else and focuses on our conversation. And frequently he asks if I know of a movie or this or that pertaining to his interests. I don't know if im taking his kindness too seriously or if he likes me. And then I throw in my regrets of so suddenly dating this old friend of mine, who already is deeply attached to me- and we're all in the same friend group so I couldn't realistically jump ship and still expect to sail with the crew! Someone please help me untangle this mess I've gotten in to...


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  • I'm in a similar situation, except I'm not sexually attracted at all to the guy that I think likes me. I do feel really close to him but think of him more like a younger sibling. I'm just worried how my boyfriend will react when he meets him...

    To me, I think you first need to figure out who it is you really like. You can't keep dating someone just because they are super attached to you, if it doesn't bring you happiness. Figure out your feelings.

    • Thank you so much, you're right about me figuring out how I feel. It's truly a strange attraction to their personality and presence? I'm just terrified if I leave this person, regardless of dating someone else, I would lose all my friends too... I wish you the best in your situation as well, hopefully we'll both find clarity!

  • He's just pissed the other guy got to you first.

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