Should I ask her out?

There is this girl that I have known for a year now. She is really nice, and attractive. So we had a class together last year, and we have one together this year. Sometimes she stares at me and then looks away if she catches me looking at her, similes at me, winked at me one time, whispered to her friend after i walked up to her, and told her that she looked pretty, and my friend told me that her and her friend were talking about me in one of his classes, but he didn't tell me what they said. Sometimes If I say hi to her, she'll say hi expressionless, or in a dull voice, and won't make eye contact, and other times she say hi with a simile, in a happy voice, and will look right at me. And when I asked her if I was being weird she said that I was fine, and that she is a reserved person. But she talks to other people, and never says hi first, or starts conversation with me. I figured that she doesn't like me, but when I asked her friend, she said she likes me, I didn't really expect her to say no, even though she might have, and I didn't ask in what way does she like me. But do you think I should ask her out (that means you think she would say yes) or don't (because you don't think she would say yes)?

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  • I say yes!

    • Why?

    • If she's making an effort to do things like wink at you and says she's not being weird, there is a big chance she likes you. If she was a really open extroverted person it would be different, but if she is more reserved there's a big chance

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