Why would a guy pursue me if I don't carry the traits he wants in a partner?

I just started dating this older guy who says that he likes women who are sexually uninhibited, adventurous, fun, etc... I'm extremely shy and am a virgin as well. He was also talking about how I was still "a little virgin girl" who is still growing and how he had been "around the block" and knows "everything". My question is, why would he still want to date me if I'm obviously not good enough for him? Are these remarks meant to be put-downs?


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  • He s messing with you and trying to intimidate you.
    I see it s working, you sound a bit insecure...
    Imma right?

    • Why would he try to intimidate me if his goal is to get with me?

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    • We've already done things like kissing, groping, and touching each other, but that's it. I just don't know if I'll hear from him again if we have sex you know?

    • Yea I hear you...
      Can t really help you here that much you re the one interacting with him 😕

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  • Not really put downs. I bet he finds you being "pure" arousing. Something that most women he's been with, don't have. Just be careful with him. He sounds like he's playing games

    • How do you think he's playing games?

    • Could he actually be interested in pursuing a relationship with me?

  • he sounds like that perv who is trying to play a masochist in his own little mind. older men love young, virgin women like you, because to them it makes them feel younger, and like their incontrol because women their own age makes them feel like children, due to the fact that they can smell the devil in each man that approaches them. unlike you, older women his age wouldn't be asking this question cause they would've kicked him to the curve already.

    • What makes you think that women his age would have kicked him to the curve?

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    • "Guy are willing to date 4/10 and 3/10 if they like her. Men aren't that high on requirements on looks."

    • Huh? I'm confused. I never mentioned anything about looks in my question description.