Girls, Girl I like is really mad at me?


Were both in high school and this girl, (lets call her Samantha) and I have been talking for a while we both like each other and according to her best friend talked about me a lot. However we hung out one night and we watched a movie and we cuddled with each other and she told me later that it sort of made her uncomfortable.

So we talked and i told her I was sorry for rushing things. She told me she honestly didn't know how she felt about me, so i told her i would give her some time and space to think over it and that we would take it slow and start as friends and go from there. A week later when talking to her she was acting weird, sending short replies and taking a little to reply to. I asked her friend if something was wrong and she said that Samantha was really not happy with me.

According to her Samantha told her that it seems like "he doesn't care anymore" and that I've been acting like her ex boyfriend. Her friend didn't know how i was acting like her ex because Samantha didn't tell her anymore. So I asked Samantha what i did to make her mad and she told me not to worry about it, and that she didn't want to talk about it. So i let ago until tomorrow and i asked her again and if she was still mad at me which annoyed her. I dont know what to do. When i want to treat her more than a friend she gets freaked out and uncomfortable, when i try to give her space and treat as a friend more she claims "He doesn't care anymore" I dont know whether to leave her alone cause that didn't fair so well. Or to talk to her again.

Girls, Girl I like is really mad at me?
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