It's mentioned a hell of a lot here that most men "don't have many options." How do we rectify this little problem?

In particular it's the pinks that seem to most often point out that most men don't have what it takes to get a lot of women. For those of you who need a reference, look at just about any question/take on slut-shaming and you'll likely see it mentioned somewhere.

I'm not at all saying I disagree with this. In fact, I very much agree. But I believe that a vast majority of guys (or people for that matter), if not already being considered very sexually magnetic, have the potential to become so. But drawing that potential out? What do you have to say?

Really? So much time going by of people saying this and nobody speaks up when they finally get the chance to speak their piece about it?


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  • Is it necessary for everyone to have a lot of options? You only need one "right" one.

    • I (and by extension, they) meant for casual stuff.

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