Would a guy do all sorts of nice things just to be friends with benefit with a girl?

Want guys' opinions on this. If a guy does all of the following:

- takes the girls out on nice dates every single time when hanging out;
- pays for everything when goes out with her;
- texts her everyday, telling her about his day and asking about hers;
- flirts with her via texts as well as on dates;
- has amazing sex with her and be very considerate in bed;
- meets the girl twice a week;
- says sweet things (like "you are so pretty", "you are so hot", "I will just kiss you to shut you up" when asked if she was talking too much", etc..);
- lots of PDAs (holding hands, kissing, touching and hugging); when in public, people absolutely think we are deep in love with each other;
- Tries to have breakfast with her after a sleepover even he is running late for work;

A guy I am dating for two months and a half (probably had 15/16 dates) does all of these. But he keeps telling me he likes me, but does not love me and is not sure how he feels about me. When we are together, most of the time we are so happy with each other. But if I give him any slight criticism or bring up the topic of where this is going, he gets super defensive and wants to break it off with me. Then he accidentally revealed to me that he doesn't want to date me, just wants sex.

Any wisdom from guys can help me decode his behavior? Why would he go to the extra to do all those nice stuff for me and with me, but then only wants sex?

Another question, how much does "hotness" of a girl mean to a guy? To be honest I think in terms of looks and hotness, I am 8/9 and he is probably a 6. But he is a smart nerd, which is why I like him so much.
Would a guy do all sorts of nice things just to be friends with benefit with a girl?
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