He keeps on staring at me but he doesn't like me?

I pretty sure he knows I like him and he hasn't made a move on me at all. It's been 3 months already so I gave up. I figured he doesn't like me. It's now mid-november and i had stop giving him attention but he keeps on staring at me! He checks me out, stares at me when we cross each other in the hallways, i look straight ahead. If i'm behind him, he turns his head around to look at me and every time i leave to catch the bus he's always behind me or in front of me, wtf?


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  • he definitely likes u. he probably thinks you are out of his league. u should make the first move lol. and then hopefully he will have the confidence to try to get you

    • He looks very reserved and it seems like he doesn't want to be bothered when he's alone. I wish i had the guts to strike a convo with him

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    • I heard that some people only stare at others because they find them physically attractive but they don't want to date them. In all honesty, i don't care if he doesn't like me back, I just really want to know why he stares at me all the time. Yes you are right, i am a pretty girl thank you :) but i'm a girl of color and he's white, maybe people of color isn't his preference because honestly i don't know what's stopping him to make a first move :)

    • thats completely true! he could just find you physically attractive. but its just at possible he does like you lol. i just say take the chance and make the first move. and yea maybe he doesn't like people of different color. but at the same time he could just be very shy. there's nothing wrong with you making the first move u kno? lol

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  • He likes you. 😊

    • One of his friends is a dick and made fun of me for liking him. I don't think he likes me. :/

    • He likes you. He was checking you out, he stares at you.
      Yeah, those are signs he likes you. ('-' )