Messaging cute girls on dating sites?

What is an acceptable first message? It's always awkward reaching out that first time. Do girls want to hear that you find them cute? Do they want something casual? Playful? Serious? lol I don't know.


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  • Start witty, make it personal (in the form of a question), light and flirty but also keep it short and sweet.

    • Have any examples?

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    • I need ideas ok? Don't judge me! 😛

    • Hahahah

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  • Just stay away from the generic "Hello/Hey!" It's a dating site... if you're talking to them it's safe to assume you already find them cute. No need to bring it up early on.

    I'd say go with light and playful... hopefully her profile has something for you to go off of.

    • Nothing, absolutely nothing lol

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    • Right but then it's hard because it's your first ever conversation. Like all real world rules go out the window online I guess

    • You're hyping this up too much, she's just a girl no different than talking to a friend.
      Just send out a first message and if she responds we'll figure it out.

      The idea isn't to keep messaging forever. You want to wait just until you believe she's comfortable talking to you then you ask her to meet you somewhere. Every conversation reaches a high point where the connection is just there... that's when you make plans and get her phone number.