Advice on going after a good friend?

Met this girl at the start of 2015 (I'm in high school) through common activities together, notably a wonderful 2-week hike in the Australian Alps. Friendship is pretty alright like we can talk for around 10mins and able talk in an "emotional" sense? She's extroverted on the outside and pretty, while I'm average-looking, sociable ard guys, but not so vocal ard girls. We are rather gd friends though we don't really have chances nor much in common to talk about now that most activities have stepped down in light of major exams.

Realized I liked her a few months ago and started asking her out to study/gym/run tgt. Initially, she was really excited (prob bc we were good friends). During our meetings she flirted back, but I didn't take action because 1) I was too afraid of breaking our friendship 2) I wanted to see if she was really the one for me. After some time she slowly started ignoring me in texts and acted a bit weirdly in school as well. She is facing some personal issues recently, yet I kept asking her out on non-serious meetings (5-6 of them). When she began giving one-worded replies I took it as she wasn't interested from her one worded replies so I stopped talking to her and focused on my exams, yet subsequently on her blog she would rant about how she's ugly/unloved? She could be referring to her ex (which ended badly) and not me, but I don't know. Ever since then we never really had proper conversations, just hi-bye friends. We had this outing once with the hiking group but we didn't talk at all (awkward).

With exams ending, I am thinking of meeting her to run again (her hobby) and after the run tell her about how I feel. But I still dk about what she feels and whether she's affected by her issues/me. really don't want to destroy this friendship if she rejects cos I appreciate her a lot as a friend, but judging the current state of friendship it shouldn't be a big risk? What's the worst that could happen haha.

Any comments/help would be greatly appreciated (:


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  • it sounds like you really no longer have a friendship to worry about
    she ugly/unloved comment is probably more about her ex and in general not finding a guy than you specifically
    you'll never know if she is interested in you until you go talk to her... so quit beating around the bush, i don't think you have much to lose

    • Talking to her and expressing your feelings might actually do more to get your friendship back on track even if she isn't interested romantically, i mean it sounds like you guys really aren't on great terms right now

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    • That's quite an extreme joke HAHA but I see where you are coming from, thanks so much (:

    • its a horse reference, not a sex reference... meaning tired dirty and sweaty

  • She may have backed away when she sensed you could be interested in her romantically and she may not have been ready or felt attraction due to many reasons (including her feelings for her ex possibly).

    I don't see why you can't ask her out again and confess. The worst that can happen is she can say no and then you walk away knowing you tried, know the truth so you can deal with it and not have false hope and it will make you stronger to not live with regrets :)


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