Girls, have you ever changed your mind eventually about a guy you rejected and gave signals to pursue you or asked him out eventually?

Guys were rejected not because you were seeing somebody but because of their looks, personality, intellect etc. Maybe you saw them in a new light without them changing anything or they changed and became attractive to you.

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If yes, how did you convey it to him? What made you change your mind?


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  • Nope, sorry. I generally get a good sense of who someone is the first time I meet them. I'm either interested or I'm not. A no will always be a no.

    • Thank you for the comment. I know it is a long shot for guys to hope for change. Just wanted an idea how long of a shot.

    • You're welcome, sorry I know it hurts when you want someone and they don't want you back.

  • Nope.

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