Does she want me to make a move?

I'm hanging out with this girl and she's told me once already she's not ready to start a relationship (just got out of a serious one). Yet, she still hangs out with me, we're always alone in my apartment and we are starting to get quite close physically (not quite cuddling, but close).

Anyways, we went out the other night. Our feet were touching under the table several times and usually when that happens people say sorry and try to avoid it. She never said that to me and we kept doing the same thing throughout the night. I drove her home and then we parked in front of her house for like 30 minutes talking. I did feel like she was stalling, but didn't work out the courage to make a move.

We were supposed to go for a hike, ended up not going, but spent the whole night teasing each other and making sexual innuendo comments (sorta) to each other. I texted her to say I had so much fun with her and she's like yeah, that was fun. Last time she came to my house we sat very close to each other and she was acting all cute. The way she was acting I felt (like my intuition was saying) like I should've kissed her. Again, didn't have the courage to make a move. Her body language suggests she's attracted to me. We're hanging out tonight and I feel like if I don't make a move she's gonna think I don't find her attractive and will move on. Then again, she told me she's not looking for a relationship. So I'm torn between my feelings for her and my respect for her. She also told me I'm very hard to read so I've said to her that I really like her and want to date her, but if I don't make a move she's gonna think I didn't mean what I said. Any advice?
Does she want me to make a move?
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