Guys, if you cancelled a date (s) with a girl and she was understanding & suggested new times, would you consider her desperate or understanding?


Im saying you're INTO this girl; it's not that you aren't interested and she is asking you, im saying you're very interested in her but the date scheduling hasn't turned well in your favor. If you cancelled and she was very nice about it, said no worries, suggested to meet another time or told you she was open the next weekend, would you be like man, this girl is toooo open and understanding, she's desperate... OR would you be like cool, this girl is understanding and willing to make it work, I feel bad and she is handling it well.

  • The girl is desperate/ too available
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  • The girl is understanding, not desperate at all, and I appreciate it
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  • That's a very mature thing of a girl and will always be taken as mature and appreciated. Only a egotistical asshole would see it as desperate. Girls don't do that often and that stands out

  • Your expanded detail kind of defeats the purpose of leaving an opinion..

    • lol okay :b I was trying to include possible thoughts! If you have any more I gladly accept them

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    • If a guy likes a girl he's not going to think she's desperate!

    • Oh okay! Coolcool

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