Girls, why girls love moneys and not the person they stay ?

in this world full of fake people is any girl who want a guy not for money but his type and him as a person (only ''prostitutes'' who want money from us around)?


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  • I like the person. I'm not a gold digger but I'm not gonna date someone who doesn't work, doesn't have a car, things like that. he can make less than me no problem, but I don't want a lazy guy.

    • you want a rich men but not for money you are saying dear?

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    • Sure here we are ok but where are these girls who support sm in hard times , when girls dont have their things bought by they boyfriend , they leave him or dosent stay for a sec with a poor guy... :/

    • hard times is one thing, hard times since the day we met, or him always losing jobs is another

  • ^^ what she said lol

    • nothing bc i dont have a girlfriend , but you are same as the girl i mentoied on status -> a bitch

    • I was talking about what mega beauty said as in I was gonna say what she said, but wow you judge quite fast

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