Weird Texting, Why?

Me and this girl had a very intimate moment for just friends. The day after she told me to stay friends, I got angry and left. That started a fight, and a month later things cleared. It was because we live pretty far away and to have a relationship wouldn't work out very well and she was dying for it to work. But didn't want to deal with the sh*t that comes with it (neither am I).

Anyway, things have been normal, I know she is really affectionate for me. I have been ignoring her because of it, and she has been texting me all the time. However, she texts me most when she is out with her friends, drunk, and sometimes alone.

But, they have been basically one or two texts, and that is it. A simple "Hey." then she will say what she is doing then ask me. Then that's it. This point she is just saying "Hey" and not responded.

Haha, this is so weird, I think she is trying to get my attention or seeing if I am angry at her (which I am not), or trying to tell me to talk to her. Sometimes its her friends telling her not to text me, otherwise I don't get what she is doing, any ideas?

I was thinking of just calling her on the phone just to talk to her, then ignore her for another week. Just to keep her going, yes I play this game with people I like and it works. It's a good tip for girls who don't like being manipulated, but I would just go with it.

Oh yeah, she texts me drunk at like 5am. But, I ignore it because I am either sleeping or what not. I think she really wants me, but can't bring herself to tell me sober.

Lets get an answer : /

I know at least one of you does this or have done this!


At least a Guy who has experienced this and doesn't know wtf is going on - Me
Everything is pretty normal now... I talked to her yesterday casually, didn't bring up much, but it was the first time I started a conversation in three weeks... Ha, didn't know that...

Anyway, by the end of the week I will find what's up
I ended up drunk talking to her, it seemed cool. I got into the mindset of staying friends and have not told her. I don't think I will until she gets emo again. Also calling her asking how she was back to back days was dumb advice. I rather keep ignoring.
Drunk texting and smooth talking with some ignoring led to a discussion yesterday. It was probably the best time I had with her, she pointed to a lot of things for future development in the relationship. I was happy with that, so I will continue my logic.
Haha, funny thing is that I am not into her no more... Oh well. Thanks again.


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  • i can totally relate to this. a friend and I had an intimate moment once, and it made him all confused. he's trying to avoid me for the past weeks and even blocked me in his life. last week he sent me a text me and apologized and we went out together and didn't hear from him again. this left me quite confused. :P upon reading this question, I realized that it's one of his I'm planning to throw his game back at him :P

    she might be texting you a lot when she's drunk to see if you really care for her. maybe she's trying to weigh how you really feel about her. she needed assurance that you're totally into her and if she thinks you are, then she might have the courage to tell you what she really feels and want from you. I am answering base on what I feel... cos I found myself in the same exact situation. I do text this guy but not when I'm drunk tho...i just like sending him rumor texts just to let him feel that everything's still cool but I'm also weighing just waiting for a sign from him that he's really into me and if it's that the case, I will have the courage to tell him want I want just to clear things...whatever the answer is, ill be totally cool with it! ;)

    so don't be afraid to be straightforward with her. it doesn't matter if you'll have a long distance relationship or whatever...feelings matter and if you really like each other, you'll find a way to make it work :) we should take risks sometimes, it's a win-lose situation, but the feeling when you passed that risk will be heaven :) but yeah, if you need time to think it over, do it so...things like this shouldn't be rushed :) good luck! ;)

    • Haha, it might not be a game for him, you know. I am experienced in dating and maybe your friend isn't. He could just be plain confused. Hard to tell :P

      But, after we shared, I got p*ssed off and we got into a fight, I made up to her the next day. When everything was cool I gave her some time, and its been a month of trying to get things back to normal, but it seems she wants more then I expected.

      I am confused whether I want her as a friend or gf. Don't want to f*** up, thanks for advice :)

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    • I like your advice the best. It makes sense and has been something that always comes out good. My ex girlfriend was healed because of time, she is my best friend.

      Time heals and tells everything,perhaps that is what she needs in the relationship. If she really misses me she will make an attempt to tell me, in which I will tell her just friends or something deeper. It seems that you are in the position of me, but your partner seems to be better off then mine. Nevertheless, I wish you good luck!

    • Thanks :) I sent you a message haha my window chat isn't working :)

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  • The problem with playing games is it can sometimes get the whole situation confusing. Games work if only one person is playing them and the person playing them isn't too invested in the other person. You clearly have some emotional investment in her. You like her. That's clear. Game playing causes problems when you like the person because you can be hurting your chances and you start to think they are playing games. It seems like right now you think she is playing some game with you but is she really? Maybe she is texting you "Hey how are you?" you respond "Good" and then she calls it quits thinking you don't want to talk cause the answer was short. And then you are sitting at home thinking she doesn't want to talk cause she didn't respond back!

    Love is like gambling. There is a risk of losing everything. But you have to take risks to win big. You can't sit at a table and go "I don't like the look of those dice." "I'm not getting a good vibe from this dealer."" I don't like that this slot machine is so close to the bathroom" Cause then you'll end up back in your room with nothing.

    Call her. Not when she is drunk and will spill secrets. Not when she is out with friends. Just call her one day and ask how she is doing. Ask how her day was. Listening to it and if she is interested tell her how your day was. Then, here's a crazy idea that is going to blow your it again the next day! :) Don't try and figure out where the relationship is at, where it is headed, how much booze she has running through her veins. If you are friends be her friend and see how your friend is doing. After a little while of this she will do one of two things. If she likes you she is going to call you and see how you are doing cause you opened the door for it. Or she is not going to be calling you. Either way you have your answer. Cause even if she likes you but refuses to ever be the one who calls you, she doesn't like you enough to treat you like a good friend and see how you are.

  • yeah She obviously likes you but doesn't have enough confidence to just say yes she likes you, she would rather do it subtly , either really drunk or just pretending to be drunk, why not text her back?

    • Yeah, you are right. I am going to talk to her... Just got to think of what exactly I want and how I am going to say it. And try to foresee how I can carry this thing out without harming what we have, because this is half the story. There is a lot more sh*t that is going to happen that I have to consider, but thanks.


      " I know.. It's called manipulation. Usually people don't like getting manipulated.

      I was thinking of just calling her on the phone just to talk to her, then ignore her for another week. Just to keep her going, yes I play this game with people I like and it works. It's a good tip for girls who don't like being manipulated, "

      We a long distance relationship and to have a loving moment, won't help out our situation. She taught me that"

      you need a reality check.

    • Nah, my way worked and is continuing to work. I mean, sometimes doing the norm or being somewhat considerate is not enough to fix a relationship. They are tricky and call for some eccentric, yet necessary things. Some things that you would consider to be harmful.

      In actuality, it is not I that needs an reality check.

  • She seems to feel a lot for you and instead of being

    nice to her and soothing her a bit ur playing games.

    Not nice.

    • Did I mention I spent my whole weekend on the phone with her when she was sick. Regardless, she is texting me hey, then not responding back. This happened about 5 times in three days, just curious of what she wants. If you could answer that.

      We are in a long distance relationship and to have a loving moment, won't help out our situation. She is the one that taught me that.

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    • U want another smart ass comment? ;)

      Ur both very similar and you both need one another very much.


    • Haha, good night :)

  • Okay, I had just recently went through a problem just like this with a guy, except I was in the girlsd shoes. I don't want to feel clingy, so I onyl talk to him when I'm drunk, or I tell him I'm drunk just so he thinks its the liqour talking and not me. Every girl loves to use liqour as an excuse because A) If you don't respond the way they want you to they can say they don't remember or B) They don't want to look desperate. What she wants is for you to show that you care. Show her, but don't let her have all she wants. Send her a text in the morning saying good morning, or send her a text saying good night. Keep it simple.. If you decide you want to talk to her, maybe you should hang out.. No girl wants to have a late night conversation with her guy, that's something her and her girls do.

    • Yeah, but I still don't understand what's with the weird texts. What I get is that she wants me to talk to he her or is just testing me being clingy. I also understand not giving her all, because that will just ruin things.

      But, thanks for the insight on being drunk. I kind of thought it was a way to get me jealous or something. Haha, maybe I should put off sleep that night since she always seems to call, but I am sleeping. Because it seems that is when she would be most comfortable to talk.

  • dude I hope yu kno but that game yu play makes gurls p*ssed off, but we don't say anythin abut it becuz we don't wanna because no drama

    • Yeah, I know... It's called manipulation. Usually people don't like getting manipulated.

    • Yeah, I know... It's called manipulation. Usually people don't like getting manipulated.

      r you learning disabled? you KNOW people hate it!

      why do you thin k you guys would stop playing gamers if you did get together..why would it ever stop? you want to do this forever- you're being a moron & I wish people would not encourage it.

      if it 'works' so well for u, then why are you left to chasing her right now-- grow up*

      & now you have best answer up there thinking you just taught her something worthwhile

  • Is that why guys do this? To play games? And they say girls play games and guys don't. Thanks for the tip lol

    • It's true. I mean it is a really good way to get them thinking about you all the time. And don't think you girls are cleared from it to, because you do it a more and worse. Like this girl basically had a romantic orgasm and the next day completely ignores me. While on X, this really f***ed me over, because I wanted her more!

      But anyway, this is not to say it is needed in a relation, because it is, but you get the idea.

    • I'm surprised you don't know what's going on! You're playing games with her. She's probably extremely confused too.

    • Haha, it's a super long story because we have been through a lot. I am just wondering if my idea could be correct. I mean maybe she is waiting for me to call her and talk to her, emotionally. However, that is one thing we are keeping subtle because of the long distance crude.

      i think it is for the better, but I could be wrong. Just wondering what other people think, haha. If anything I will call her tomorrow or have her text me when she is drunk (lot comes out :O).

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    • Lol jealous ass nigga

    • I would not be jealous of these f***ed up needy games monsieur!! All that have played this game need to get a life or face a solitary life

    • Haha, you don't know anything about my life regarding things outside this specific relationship. And to do so will surprise you comrade! However, it's not about feeble snootiness. Ignorance is bliss in this situation :D

  • I wouldn't take much notice of somebody texting you where they are drunk, she is probably just thinking back to your time together but just ignore it .

    • It's not just when she is drunk. However, that is when she opens to talk about relationship matters. I suppose I didn't make that clearer in the question. But yeah, I am ignoring it. Cool Beans.

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