Call, Text, or in Person?

I have a class with a really cute girl with whom I had dinner last Saturday. We really had a great time and I'd like to pursue her further. The problem is that her schedule is extremely packed, as is mine, so I don't feel comfortable calling her to ask her out, would texting her to ask her out be acceptable? If not, what other suggestions would you have for my situation?

Turns out she just wants to be friends. Oh well, thanks for the help still!


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  • i personally always love it when a guy makes the effort to call.

    One option is to text her, "hey, when you have a moment, I'd like to call you and ask you something. so just let me know when you're not busy". then, when she texts to say she is avalible now, or (even better) if she calls you on her own, you can ask!


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  • A date- text/call is okay

    To be your girlfriend- ask her in person


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