Could you get over being lied to?

My boyfriend of two years has lied to me about the same thing now twice over the last year. He's been lying about who he is hanging out.

Now, I don't interrogate him or grill him everytime I see him, but I do ask (like any normal person I think.) how his day went and such. And a few months ago he left out the fact that he was hanging with a female coworker. His reason for not telling me was "that he didn't want me to worry or get upset". Mind you at one point -- I would indeed worried or got upset -- but I learned to trust that he would never cheat on me so I basically "faked being okay with it, until I made it" and that's what happened. So I got over this one.

The second time was a few weeks ago, he has this other new female coworker who he "feels comfortable around, and they have soo much in common". I thought nothing of that, but then he once again lied to me about hanging out with her. And I found out because she told me. (I remember the day I asked him too, he said he'd gone shopping and had lunch with a different friend.)

Anyways, I'm an anxious person, but I think his excuse for lying to me "so I won't get worried" is incredibly heart breaking. He swears up and down that there's nothing going on between them. I don't want him to stop hanging out with her, I want him to stop lying about it. I don't even feel like seeing him right now, because who knows what else he's lying to me about.
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And he gave the same excuse "Because I didn't want you to worry or get upset".
Could you get over being lied to?
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