"I'm obsessed with you!"?

This 33 year old guy I've been dating for 1 month (no sex, not even a kiss) keeps telling me "i'm obsessed with you"... What does that mean?


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  • Exactly what he said, he's obsessed with you

    • What does that mean? Like stalker?

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    • 1 month without sex and not even a kiss. And the guy still around you. I am obsessed with you has two possible meanings. It either means that the person in charge loves you so badly or he is highly aggressive against you. You have no common sense? You act like a 17 years old smh

    • Thank you for MHO

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  • It means he is fatally attracted to you and raises a big red flag. What did y'all do withing that mth? Still too soon to be Obsessed. In fact, you never want to be obsessed with anyone. I would end that. He seems like he is gonna be a crazy guy. Be careful, ask questions to why he is obsessed. if your still feeling funny about him, thats a hint to get out now


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