Why does he keep talking to me? But won't ask me out?

I've been talking to a guy I met online for more than a month now. We both live busy schedules - and we still haven't met yet. He likes to drop text messages to me, and tells me that "he just got home from work, showered and going to bed, hope you had a good day" at midnight; he texts me with "just to let you know that you are on my mind time to time" this is after not talking for a day.

He likes to keep me up to date with what he is doing, normally when he just got off work and got home - he has this habit of 'dropping me a text'. Even when he was ill, he will text me with "hope your weekend was good, i've just been resting, just dropping you a text before the week gets busy... again"

Yesterday, I was busy working late, and he was going to bed and I already said good night to him after he told me he just got home, and he said "I still love your picture :)" (he was refering to my whatsapp pic). We don't really get much conversation going during weekdays, apart from "got home, hope you had a good day, good night".

I know we are both busy, but it's getting boring :( and I don't know why he keeps 'dropping me a text', yet won't schedule a date... He knows we need to meet because I mentioned it, but he said he thinks we are going good with the talking. Is he even interested? or does he just like that I fill his void of talking to someone? What do you think?
Why does he keep talking to me? But won't ask me out?
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