Why was this girl was looking at me and checking out at the when I wasent looking?

So the other day I went to the mall when my sister to get her a new phone and their was two girls at the store one help my sister and the other one was giving flyers. I was standing near the one giving flyers so I just I ask her question about my phone that all and that was the end of a conversation. So while I wait for my sister to get her phone I was just standing their looking around the mall minding my business. I notice that girl was looking at me and checking me out when I wasent looking I caught her looking at me so I turn to look at her and I smile at her and she look at me but didn't smile at me she had a blank face. She was cute but I didn't went up to her. So when I sister got her phone we left and my sister said that the girl looking at me too. so what does it mean was she interested in me or what because I am. so what should?

I'm interested in her but and I would like to take her out but I'm not sure what to do?


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  • I think she was interested. The only time I look at a guy and then look away when he looks at me is when I think he's hot ❤️️


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  • RIP English

    Also, she was probably looking at something else

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