How do you low key hit on a girl?

If you're a guy and you like a girl how do you low key hit on her?


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  • Don't ever try to "low key" hit on a girl. She will get mixed messages or friendzone you. If you like a girl, make your intentions known. If you don't, she probably won't think you're interested and you'll lose out to the guy who actually has the gall to go ask her out.

  • What's "low key" all about?

    • low key means "slightly" "barely noticeable"

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    • Oh, there is no point. It's a mistake. Women choose attraction vs elimination very quick.

    • @GraveTruth I don't know what all that means but if you like a girl you let her know for sure. We like the confidence and don't want to wonder what the low key is all about.

What Guys Said 1

  • A low key flirting thing to say is stuff like

    "You know, talking to you is interesting" or
    ... any reference that you have thought about her away from her.
    Shi... stuff like that, I mean.

    It is NOT recommended though. The attraction level that a man have in a womans mind is often chosen fairly quickly. 90% of the time it is chosen before the first conversation from body language. Women have a filtering system to eliminate attraction (psychology). Women do not do well with TIME and attraction. This is why millions of women complain that male friends have things for them and they don't want to hurt their feelings.