How can I get him back?

I was hanging out this guy and he knew I liked him and he said he wanted to get to know me. a couple weeks ago he said he needed space from me. I was really crushed and I cried at work and he might have seen me cry. I was really angry and hurt but now I just miss him! Today it seemed he checked me out but I could been imagining it. He could have been looking at someone else. Should I continue to give him space till January (he said he wanted a two month break) or should I try to talk to him again? I'm still really into him so maybe I should get over him before I start to try to be friends again?



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  • I don't think you should try to talk to him again. You should better wait or better yet, move on.


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  • He said he needed a break? Show no vulnerability around him. Act like you couldn't care less. Make him come to you.

  • Get over him. When a guy says he needs a break that really means he just wants to move on , period. Now he isn't against occasional hook ups and late night sex romps but overall? Yeah he's over you.
    And you should be over him. Move on.


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