Is she playing hard to get or not interested?

I met this girl 2 months ago. We've been on a few dates and every single date was great. We were out for several hours till even 3am! We text each other a lot. Most of them were initiated by me, but she always got the flirting and joking going. I've been kissing her since the second date. We had passionate kisses.

Last week, we were going to have a proper romantic date. She was supposed to dress up for me and I was going to take her somewhere nice. Two hours before going out, she texted me and said she was not feeling well and not in the mood for dressing up. So we kept it low key and went for a drive and dinner.

When she dropped me, she asked if I was gonna miss her. I said yes. I told her to text me when she got home, but she didn't text me. I texted her and called her a bit later. No response. Then she texted and said sorry she forgot about it! I got this feeling that because I showed her more direct interest, she was pulling back to make me want her even more, or she doesn't care.

I was hoping we would see each other on the weekend. She loves driving and last time we went out, we talked about going out of town for a day trip. Saturday evening I texted her and asked what she was up to. Surprisingly, she sent me a picture of herself all dressed up and looking pretty, with a label on the photo indicating she was out of town.

I decided not to approach her and wait till she approaches me first. It's been 4 days and we haven't spoken at all, which is odd, especially since we used to text each other almost every single day till last week.

Is she interested and is playing hard to get?
Should I contact her or wait till she contacts me first?
How long should I wait before moving on?

I'd appreciate any comments.


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  • I think she is no longer interested in you.


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  • I'm lot saying this is it. I can be very wrong but I've been through this before. I've also seen this before. She has "other guy" written all over her. Again I could be wrong and she is just playing girl games with you.

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